Example of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Examples That’ll Help You Start Your Essay

Has your professor asked you to write an essay? This assignment can be one of the easiest assignments if you know how to choose the right format. It is a writing style that requires you to take an opinion and defend it. Usually, these essays are about topics that are broad. They expect you to take a personal stand as long as you can find facts to support it. If you look at an example of argumentative essay, you will see that the writer starts by identifying the side of the argument to dwell. This position creates the basis of your writing and provides you with a clear perspective of what to emphasize. Consider the following factors.




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Structuring the essay

Unlike the usual article, writing this one requires a lot of considerations. You need to choose structures that appeal to the readers. Considering that it is an opinion that you want them to buy, you should have an introduction that captures the entire topics.


Let them know the options in this subject and the reason you have taken a particular stand. This stage is not the point to write everything. Instead of cluttering the introduction with too many points, let them know what to expect in the subsequent paragraphs.

Siding with the opposition

Most argumentative essay examples show that taking an opposing viewpoint is one of the best ways to build your content. If you have a research question, let your readers know that you do not agree in entirety with what it says.


You need to look for facts that prove things can happen when the opposite view is the most preferred option. Of course, there are those that will disagree with you. However, as long as you are supporting your position with solid facts, you will score high grades.

Refuting the opposition

You may also choose to discredit the opposing viewpoint. If you prefer this approach, you will have to go all the way to prove to the readers that things can only happen in that way. You will have to research for publications that have a similar argument.


In your citations, you will be referencing the most trusted sources, and therefore, your viewpoint will be acceptable. In addition to that, refuting the opposition means that you agree with the research question and consequently, it will be easy to showcase your arguments to your examiners.

In a nutshell, an excellent argumentative essay sample should have a clear viewpoint. There are times when authors choose to use arguments from both sides. When you use this approach, make sure that you indicate your stand at the end of your writing. Your readers must know where you stand, and the reasons why you chose it. If you are not sure of how to write the best term papers, you can hire a helper. Many online academic writers can help you with your articles regardless of your educational level. This outsourcing opportunity eases your homework burden and allows you to have fun during your studies.