Example of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Topics

Most English students feel the strenuous burden of writing essays when they reach college. Usually, in the preliminary years of studying the language, students aren’t subjected to as much writing. Learners need to get English essay help online in case they are not good at writing argumentative essays since they’re quite prevalent in colleges. Tutors use these essays to see how well their students can argue out points. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills in regards to writing argumentative essays, here’s an in-depth look at the subject. 

Definition of Argumentative Essay?

It’s a piece of writing that aims at presenting a truthful analysis of a particular topic by arguing out all the sides of the subject. They are usually the result of meticulous research and contain the relevant facts needed to support one side of a matter or point out an equilibrium.

The Structure 

Unlike other forms of English literature, argumentative essays have a particular structure that needs to be followed when writing. The manner in which thoughts and ideas are organized plays a crucial role in helping readers understand the piece of writing. The following is a suitable guideline to structure your essay.



Argumentative essays should be able to pique the reader’s interest from the beginning. Using literary devices such as rhetorical questions goes a long way in setting the pace for the rest of the article.

Background information

After getting the reader’s attention your next step is to present contexts that build on the topic and narrow down the subject matter.

Thesis statement

The last part of your sentence should bring the central argument of your composition. Still, you should always keep in mind that your primary aim is to defend your idea.

The Body

Commencing the Sentence

Begin your writing with a sentence that shifts the focus of the preceding section to the present one. The topic sentence should introduce the sub-argument of its specified section, giving a glimpse of what is to be expected.


Upon presenting a logical claim, your next step will be supporting it with relevant facts. You can use appropriate references or statistics as evidence.


This is undoubtedly the most vital part of your essay since it’s meant to drive your main argument home.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics

The key to composing a good argumentative essay is providing the reader with valid evidence to support your point of view. Here are some helpful hints that’ll help you choose a good argumentative essay topic.


A great source to get great essay topics is by focusing on what interests you. This is because it’s easy to delve into a subject matter that you enjoy.


It’s very important to support your points and opinions with adequate resources to make a valid argument. Spend your time doing thorough research so as to provide enough proof for your claims.

Possible Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What are the side effects of diets?
  • Is it right to date a junior?
  • Should abortions be legalized?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Monarchy
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of globalization
  • What is the relationship between fitness, weight, and food?
  • Pros and cons of an MBA program
  • Education and technology

Final Thought

One crucial thing to remember when writing argumentative essays is that even if you support or denounce a certain claim, it’s always important to consider the arguments of the opposing side. When you couple that with these argumentative essay tips and interesting list of topics, you’re guaranteed to come up with an amazing essay.