Example of Argumentative Essay

A Comprehensive Essay Topics List To Get You Started On Your Writing

One of the most difficult things about writing is coming up with topics to write about. Most students struggle to narrow down on a specific idea even when they understand the broader aspect of their subject. If you can identify that single aspect you want to focus on, you can write an A+ essay but it is not always easy. If you are stuck with your essay for lack of ideas, you need to expand your search by going online. The internet is a treasure trove of ideas and you can now find essay writing topics from the best writing services.

In this article, you will find out how to narrow down on the best topic for your paper and topic suggestions for various essays. Keep reading.

How to Choose an Essay Topic

Don’t rush to pick a title for your topic before considering the following:

  • How much you know about the topic: You should have some background information on the topic you choose to make your research easier.
  • Your interest in the topic: Good essay topics are those which pique your interest as this will make it easier to focus on the research.
  • Pick something out of the ordinary: If you want to captivate your reads, choose an exciting topic that addresses something new. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel as you can pick an ordinary topic and address it in a fresh, interesting manner.
  • Choose a topic that adds value to a reader’s life: If you want to capture the reader’s attention, look for essay titles which promise to add knowledge or add value to the reader’s value in another way.

Sample Essay Topics

Now that you know how to choose a topic for your paper, look at the following selection of titles and find one that suits you:

  1. Discuss the impact of pollution using evidence from your community
  2. Rap music glorifies violence. Discuss
  3. The contemporary lifestyles are slowly driving people to an early grave
  4. How can America deal with increasing cases of gun violence in schools? (You can get essay help from media sources to find enough material for your paper.
  5. Social media has a negative impact on youth
  6. There’s need to address the glaring gender imbalance in the corporate world
  7. As modern society become too dependent on computers?
  8. It is time to ban zoos because they make no sense in the conservation of wildlife
  9. Are nuclear weapons global peacemakers or killing devices?
  10. Using money on space exploration is a waste of scarce resources
  11. School uniform laws are unconstitutional (this is one of the most college essay topics and you will find a wide range of resources on the same).
  12. Online privacy is an issue that needs more regulation than
  13. Social media bullying is now a national disaster and needs strict regulations to handle

Whether you need essays on current topics or any other type of writing, you only need to visit a good writing service.