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The Five Musts Dos In Writing An Essay About Friendship

Some writing assignments can seem really simple on the surface but then prove to be really hard once it boils down to actually doing it. I’m pretty confident of my writing skills and abilities but sometimes there are certain subjects that leave me stumped. There are certain approaches I have used in the past to get myself in the groove, so to speak, but when I was faced with having to write an essay about true friendship I sat at my desk without knowing what I even wanted to say. I learned a lot from professionals in the field and am sharing the five must dos in writing an essay about friendship in English:

Take Great Class Notes and Pay Attention

You should already be paying close attention in class while taking detailed notes. But you should be extra diligent when your teacher is discussing any new assignment. With an essay about the importance of friendship, be certain you understand exactly what the teacher is asking of you and ask questions if there is any sort of confusion about requirements.

Review Class Readings and Class Materials

Immediately after class, start reading any assignment readings and notes related to a short essay about friendship. You can glean a lot of information and activate some of that creativity that comes by simply reviewing material that you may already be familiar with. To review is an activity in which you must take a proactive approach. Mark up your material by highlighting key points and terms.

Don’t Pick Something that Is Too Difficult

Some topics are simply too difficult to write about. For instance, people can have different ideas of what is friendship and as such have trouble finding material that supports their arguments. Start simple and select a topic that you will be able to complete to satisfaction within the given requirements, format, and deadline. While you do want to challenge yourself, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Brainstorm or Create a Mind Map of Ideas

Start brainstorming or creating a mind map of all of your ideas. Use phrases or short sentences to establish some of your ideas and then group into related sub-topics. This will help you better define what it is you want to say about the meaning of friendship within the context of the assignment’s defined parameters.

Develop an Outline and Revise as You Go

Lastly, develop a clean outline of your major sub-points, organize it, and then re-organize it to better express your thoughts into a cohesive argument. Most writers find that doing this before sitting down to write a first draft will result in higher quality writing throughout every stage.

Writing about friendship is a tough task. There are so many things to consider and over a hundred different viewpoints to guide you. I trust that the five pieces of advice listed above will get you started and can help you when you are feeling stumped (like I used to be). This advice came from professional writers and I trust their craft to the fullest. If you need more help I encourage you to consider buying an essay, and pretty quickly you will see the benefits of having done so.